› Faster and cost saving road construction
› Substantial reduction in natural & rare road Construction materials
› Better road Durability and performance
› Substantially increases the SSB strength by a minimum of 5 times
› High tensile strength yet flexible
› Time saving- save up to 40% construction time
› Reduction in equipment wear and tear
› Plausible application of Non specialized equipment
› Minimal human resources
› Quick and easy skills transfer
› GREEN product-Environment friendly


Polymer based soil stabilizer is an innovative technology of road construction and is based on the concept of minimal usage of scarce natural resources, machinery & equipments. It is a cold mix technology.

Through the awareness of the issue concerning global warming and its impacts on the environment and society, India Polyroads Private Ltd is striving towards reducing every possible impact on the environment through their methods of road construction and is also preparing for future low-carbon economics. Polymer Pavements has shown a commitment to utilizing a carbon footprint assessment towards resolving these issues.

The present carbon footprint assessment investigated the carbon emissions involved in the construction of road 1000 meters by 7 meters using two different methods, the India Polyroads Private Ltd method and the conventional cement stabilizing method.

The auditing process in which Ergomax complies, which is set out according to the international reporting framework of the World Resource Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development known as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Polymer based soil stabilizer mixed with water is sprayed on the soil, is thoroughly mixed in the soil with the help of motor grader followed by compaction by soil compactor. Resulting in formation of a comparatively (in comparison with conventional method) stronger pavement. It reduces the total number of layers from minimum of three in conventional method to one layer (varied from design to design) The concept of polymer based soil stabilizer is environment friendly across three levels.

The concept of polymer based soil stabilizer is environmental friendly across three levels

Micro - Direct impact on construction site
Macro - Usage of natural resources
Universal - Carbon footprint and emissions

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